Money Transfer

Money Transfer Services


Send or receive a money transfer to/from your friends and family around the world with Western Union.

  • Money in minutes - When you need money there in minutes.
  • Next day service - Your money can be picked up in cash or deposited to a reloadable prepaid card the next day at participating agent locations.
  • To a mobile phone - If your receiver lives in a country where we offer mobile money transfer service, and they have an activated mobile wallet with one of our partner mobile operators, you can send money straight to their mobile phone.
  • To a bank account - Send money directly to your receiver's bank account.
  • To an inmate - Send money to an inmate and it will usually be available in their account the same day you send it.

Western Union Money Orders

When you need to pay a bill, but checks aren’t accepted, a money order may be the solution. Western Union offers this trusted alternative to checks.

Features and Details

It's easy to cash a money order at your bank or retail locations or deposit it into your bank account.