Mailbox Rental

We are a well established downtown business center, with over 20 years of experience. Our mail receiving service is completely private and allows you to receive letters and parcels from the postal service as well as private carriers such as DHL, Federal Express, & UPS.


  • A PERSONAL MAILBOX allows for one name and will Receive mail/parcels in that name only. Additional names may be added for an additional charge, but business names are not acceptable. Any other mail will be returned to sender.
  • A COMMERCIAL MAILBOX allows for one business name and two partner's names only. Any other mail will be returned to sender.



  • The size you choose should directly correspond with the mail you receive, and how often you empty the box. If you receive several periodicals, and don't want them folded to fit the box, then a small box is inappropriate. Also, if you cannot empty the box before it fills, you should choose a size that will accommodate your volume. If you consistently overflow the box, you will be automatically upgraded to the next size.
  • WE CAN FORWARD your mail worldwide with your choice of carrier. Your mail will be packaged at a frequency you decide and sent to you. The service is free, you will only be charged for the packaging and shipping.